Has anyone applied to MSU OMSP as an undergrad?

I applied this year and was selected to interview but did not get in, but they said that we can apply again as first year students at MSU. Has anyone done this, and did you get in? What did you do to make your application stronger if you had applied in the past? What do you think I could do to strengthen my chances. Thank you so much in advance, I appreciate the help.

Hi! First of all, congrats on getting an interview, because those are hard to get. But, yes I just got in as a freshman to OMSP after being rejected after the interview round last year. I would go talk to admissions once you get to MSU and ask why you didn’t get in. Next, it is extremely important to keep your GPA as perfect as possible your freshman year, and you HAVE to make sure you do good in your science classes, especially. Make sure you shadow, volunteer, and research next year. Also, there is a class you can take at MSU to improve your knowledge on osteopathic medicine, which is something they heavily weigh in the interview. Follow these steps, along with writing a good personal statement, and your chances of getting in next year are pretty good.