Has anyone been accepted from the UCF waitlist so far?

I was waitlisted about a month ago and I was wondering if anyone has gotten an offer of admission so far? Waiting has been so hard but I hear they wait a few weeks from the next semester to start accepting from the waitlist. Just curious.

There are several similar threads, including the one you started. I have not seen anybody report any waitlist activity at all.

I know it’s hard waiting, but I think right now the school is mostly working from home and only handling minimal admissions stuff as they transition everything to online learning.

Probably the only way you are going to get any info is by calling admissions. You’ll have to listen to an awful 6-minute voice mail, but you’ll eventually get a human. The ones I’ve talked to have been very helpful.

Good luck!

I have recently heard of someone getting off the ucf waitlist, but I have not. I am very anxious and hope they accept me. My second option is rollins which is a lovely school, but it is very costly even with the scholarship I received. I have to accept rollins by May 1st so I will have to make my decision by then meaning I cannot wait till May 31st for ucf to respond. Hopefully, I can get an acceptance from ucf this month so I can end up going there. I wish you the best of luck too!

Wait where did you hear that from? About someone getting off I mean.

I’ve seen a reddit post and a few on Twitter

My DD was accepted off the waitlist last week on Friday after requesting an expedited admission decision.

Not yet, my son wrote to the admissions person assigned to his school, and all she said was to keep checking…

Did any of you do rolling admissions? How long did it take for them to give you a decision? I have been waiting nearly a month and want to gauge how much longer I have to wait!

listen, when do you all think it would be time to call and have a decision expedited?

It is his dream school and realistically he is dying to know if he can be offered a spot for summer or even fall!

we don’t want to rush it since it isn’t may 1st yet but we are thinking during that last 2 weeks of april would be a good time…

How long were you on the waitlist before asking for an expedited decision?

did you ever ask?

what are your stats? I am also waiting and am stressed