Has anyone been accepted with a 3.4 Unweighted GPA and a lot of E.C’s, rest optional?

Has anyone received acceptance into Michigan state university with a 3.4 gpa UW test optional and several EC’s?

You have about 20% of enrolled students who had a GPA of <3.5 (accepted students could be higher). Assume some of those are Recruited Athletes and I would imagine a number of those submitted SAT scores to booster their profile.

Have you taken the SAT yet? If you are really interested in MSU you may want to consider doing some hard core studying and see if you can get a score that might booster your chances

If you are a Michigan in-state applicant you absolutely should have a good chance of getting in. If you are out-of-state it may be much harder.

My D21 attended an above average school district in the suburbs of Detroit/Ann Arbor. MSU is the second most attended institution of higher education.