Has anyone been admitted to CCNY with a GPA lower than 2.5?

I am just curious whether CUNY schools, especially CCNY, accepts or even give conditional acceptance to freshmen or transferees with a GPA lower than 2.5?

Hi, so the average GPA of admitted freshmen is a 3.25. For transfer students, it is a 2.5. If you are a freshman, your odds of getting into CCNY is so much lower than if you are a transferee.

Hi, thanks for the response, in your opinion, what are the chances of a 2.3 GPA transferee on transferring in CCNY, also I heard that they won’t accept any SAT scores as a part of their admission requirements. Also, will the creative challenge help my chances or not?

Hi sorry for the delayed response. A 2.3 may not look as impressive, however, it is still possible that you get into CCNY as a transferee. You have to know that 2.3 is the average, meaning that they have accepted transferees with a higher and a lower GPA than 2.3. In regards tp creative challenge, I think yes, it may help your chances. Most importantly, having an increasing trend can definitely help your chances. For example, you had a 2.0 during the first semester and a 2.6 during the second semester.