Has anyone been in Restaff or Worked for housing?


<p>I was wondering if any of you have ever worked as an RA or a Community Assistant?
Did you like it?</p>

<p>I think working for Housing doesn't pay you, but they compensate you by covering the boarding cost or something...</p>

<p>Did u guys like doing it and how was it when it came to balancing it with your classes?</p>

<p>I know quite a few friends who were/are RA’s. It seems like a really good deal. Free housing+food, but you have to work X number of hours as a CA or an RA. From what I heard, RA is somewhat more flexible in terms of hours since you just sit in your room during those “office hours” or w/e they call it. They have been managing it quite well, and made lot of friends as a result. </p>

<p>Go for it.</p>