Has anyone been to the Japanese Garden?

<p>I have not been there, as it's located in a quite secretive area in the Bel Air. And I'm positive that there are a lot of students like myself who have never been there. </p>

<p>But the school is trying to sell the garden. I was thinking why they can't promote the garden more instead of selling it to someone?</p>

<p>Promoting the garden costs money. Upkeep for the garden also costs money. The more visitors go there per year, the more money it costs. </p>

<p>The area isn't really secret at all. It's just not very practical, since there's no convenient parking.</p>

<p>Yeah, I remember I <em>tried</em> to visit it like one two or something years ago, and I remember being frustrated with how there's like supposedly 2 parking spaces and you had to arrange a sort of appointment time before you could visit. (!!!) What a buzz kill.</p>