has anyone called housing to ask them the exact date they thing we'll get our roomate

<p>i am dying to find out!</p>

<p>I think it's this coming Monday.</p>

<p>a freshman from last year was telling me that they actually found out the week before august (i think they said like the wednesday or thursday before) even though they were told they would find out the first week of august so thats why i was wondering if anyone heard if its coming out earlier than next week. </p>

<p>by the way does anyone know how we actually find out? is it by mail, email or through the udsis or something?</p>

<p>Did you log onto UDSIS and check the housing assignment option?</p>

<p>yeah and it said no viewable assignments. should something be up on there?</p>

<p>Not until the assignments are released. We were told at my D's NSO that that's how she would find out her assignment.</p>

<p>ok thank you! i'll probably be obsessively checking it now until we find out haha</p>

<p>I hope you get someone wonderful</p>

<p>aww thank you! i hope your D does also! and i have one more question, do you know if they email everyone telling them the roommate assignments are up or do you just have to keep checking udsis until its up?</p>

<p>THe impression I took away was that you should check UDSIS next Monday. I didn't hear anything about an email, but I was sitting in the back of the room and may have missed it.</p>

<p>I told my D that if she gets a call on either Sunday or Monday from a number she doesn't recognize, she should answer it politely in case it's the roommate calling to introduce herself</p>

<p>ok thank you! i'll be checking my udsis then! they didnt seem to give any of the information like this to the students at nso! my parents were telling me all this stuff i had no clue about</p>

<p>No housing assignment posted yet.</p>

<p>it appears that a few people we know have their roommate assignments as of 3:00 today. Neither of my 2 have them yet....</p>

<p>My D just got hers. I can't believe it.</p>

<p>makes it seem so real, doesnt it? my daughter hit refresh for 1/2 hr straight but no luck! where is your daughter living? one of my daughter's friends is in rodney and the other is in lang.</p>

<p>Russell Hall. But the twisted part is this. They sent an email with housing assignment and name of roommate, but no contact info for roommate. They didn't post the assignment on UDSIS yet, though, which is where the contact info is supposed to show up. My daughter is freaking. Totally freaking.</p>

<p>S is in George Read. He's really happy about the amenities, not so happy about the longer shlep to classes, but at least there's a shuttle bus.</p>

<p>My son got the email today. He is in Russell A, but hasn't been able to track down his roommate on facebook yet. </p>

<p>Zoosermom, which Russell is your daughter in?</p>

<p>She's in Russell C.</p>

<p>When DD got her assignment 4 years ago, there was no info other than name. She looked her up on MySpace (Facebook hadn't started letting noncollege students on so everyone used it then). Same as on Facebook now, people start pages for the specific dorms. They figured out who they were pretty quick.</p>