Has anyone else had this issue?!?

<p>Colorado State U has not downloaded my forms from the commonapp yet and they were uploaded Nov. 1. The lady said to wait a week for the forms to be processed to appear but the actual forms have not been downloaded to process!</p>

<p>I'm very worried....is anyone else having this issue ?</p>

<p>i think being 'processed' includes downloading from the common app- a few of my colleges didn't download everything until after the deadline, but it didn't seem to be a problem. as long as you submitted everything by the deadline you should have nothing to worry about.</p>

<p>Absolutely. The really big state schools have to wade through thousands of applications and particularly last minute submissions. We have been told by the GC at school as well as the college admissions office to give it at least 2 weeks before calling.</p>

<p>Thank you for the replies :) I feel much more at ease now.</p>