Has anyone ever heard of an Outcomes Manager?

When I recently visited a hospital, I saw an individual that was considered an Outcomes Manager (by her name tag).

Does anyone know what an Outcomes Manager does? How their job is? And whether or not the job is in demand?

I’ve tried looking for job descriptions and further information about this field using Google, but the only websites that appear to pop up are information on salary…

Outcome mangers are basically Quality Assurance managers in a hospital setting.

Here is an article regarding Quality assurance and the Outcome management movement.

Outcomes management provides a means for interdisciplinary collaboration in improving patient outcomes. The benefits of an outcomes management program are numerous, including decreasing healthcare costs, decreasing the length of stay, improving clinical outcomes, improving system processes, and fostering outcomes research. The outcomes manager is responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of an outcomes management program. One of the functions of an outcomes manager is developing collaborative practice teams to serve as vehicles of change through their analysis of outcomes data and the identification of best practice patterns. Interdisciplinary collaboration is a key component of an outcomes management program. Without an atmosphere os shared responsibility among disciplines for outcomes noted in a patient population, and recognition of individual expertise regarding care, efforts to produce change will move very slowly, if at all, and optimal improvements in care will be forfeited.