Has anyone ever taken APES and AP CHem in the same year? Does CB allow that?

<p>Title says it all</p>

<p>One of the tests would have to be taken on a late testing day, because the two exams conflict in the new AP schedule.</p>

<p>Edit: Yes, CB allows it.</p>

<p>hey thanks for answering</p>

<p>wait what if you're doing chemistry, Apes, and psychology. Can you do 3 ap exams in one day?</p>

<p>Morning: One of APES and AP Chem
Afternoon: AP Psych
Late Testing: The morning test that was not taken.</p>

<p>So, this is what I plan on doing next May:</p>

<p>Morning, Day 1: AP Chem
Afternoon, Day 1: AP Psych
Late Testing Day ? (Morning or Afternoon, I'm not sure which): APES</p>

<p>That would **** you up.</p>

<p>yeah, i had ap physics C and ap bio on the same day, and it was quite tiring... but doable</p>

<p>Looking at next year's schedule, I think I have 2 or 3 days on which I have 2 tests. I doubt it's that bad.</p>

<p>well, its 6 hours of almost straight testing. If you can stay focused, then youre fine.</p>

<p>At our school, we don't start afternoon tests until about 12:59 PM, so it's not nonstop testing (unless a test goes from 8 AM (we start morning tests on time) until 12:50).</p>

<p>ehh I've played chess matches that have lasted almost 7 hours without breaks. I'll be fine.</p>