Has Anyone gone to Summer At Stanford?

<p>Im considering applying, but im not really sure that i want to spend eight weeks of my summer there taking classes. So i have a couple of questions... Does anyone know what time the curfew is? and are they really strict about breaking it and stuff like that... Are they strict about missing classes because i dont think i could go eight weeks without missing a few classes... Are the people that go really boring... Honestly i would be going for the academics and stuff, but i dont want to have a boring "sober" summer. I would be the first to sneak my car on campus and leave to go hang out with my friends for a day or two</p>

<p>Curfew is 12 during the week 12:30 on the weekend. You just have to be in the dorm building. </p>

<p>If you're caught drinking you're thrown out zero tolerance.
You aren't allowed to miss any classes.
You can't stay overnight anywhere but campus as far as i know. </p>

<p>So if you want to drink or blow off class then it probably isn't the program for you.</p>

<p>alright thanks</p>

<p>I just thought I should respond to this...none of the teachers take roll so missing class is not a problem. On the other hand...missing classes puts you in a bad spot come midterms/finals. The alcohol thing is definately true though.</p>