Has anyone got an admission yet? 2020 CS

Well I haven’t.
So, I have had my ouac app prepared in fall 2019. But didn’t had guts to click it in. Because, you see I’m considered an international student. And yes I’m an international student and just graduated with a 2 year diploma. Back then, I thought if I was graduated from Canadian college, when I apply for uni, I must be consider a domestic student since I’m applying from within canada. But they just changed their rules or something. Now even if I got into U of T, I have no money to pay that ridiculous 250k tuition or any scholarship. Does anyone has any advise or experience in this matter??

Admission came out on the 25th of February

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Yes Admission decision came out on 25th Feb, Got accepted to UofT mississauga campus for CS

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Im french canadian but grew up in the US, so i had to apply as international. Got accepted to Life Sci in feb. I am very likely going to enroll there