Has anyone gotten accepted into CSULA yet (Fall 2020)?

I’ve heard that some CSU’s have already started accepting students, and some of my classmates are among them. However, I haven’t heard anything for CSULA yet, and my application status is still pending, so I’m wondering if they’ve accepted any Fall 2020 applicants yet…

My application is also pending. I’m waiting to update my grades for Fall 2019. I’m not sure by when but the deadline is the end of January. Has anyone received any info on this?

@sealwaterdog Wait, do we have to update our general application with our Fall 2019 grades??

@kaaehchan: Fall grade updates is a requirement for Transfers at some of the Cal State campuses, not for Freshman.

However, some Cal states may ask for Mid-year Senior transcripts prior to admission decisions or after being accepted. You should always check your student portal for each CSU and look at your “to do list”.

@Gumbymom Oh, I see…thank you. Will do. :slight_smile:

No - but I just reached out to admissions (have not heard back yet) because my application shows in the portal as “incomplete” (with the yellow triangle), even though I completed the application and update on Cal State Apply. There is nothing in the To Do area relevant to this application (only something relevant to my 2018 app related to 2018 financial aid - I never enrolled). Is anyone else having this issue? Maybe they update as “pending” once they confirm your update was received?

@Rottgrrl799 My portal also shows as “incomplete” with the yellow triangle. I completed the application and update on Cal State apply also. Let me know what they say to you please.

@Vcpirate1127 - just heard back. Here is what they said:

“The status of your application listed as “incomplete” is completely normal since evaluators are still in the process of reviewing prospective students applications . We advise that students check their email as well as their Cal State LA portal regularly to check their to do list in case anything is required.”

I am a military veteran and I applied to CSULA for electrical engineering. My GPA is a 2.96 but from what I am seeing on the website as long as I meet all the minimum requirements it seems to be an automatic acceptance does anybody know if that is true even if its an impacted major?

I also haven’t heard anything from CSULA yet. My application still has the yellow triangle which means that they haven’t reviewed my application yet. I am transferring from a community college as a kinesiology major with a 3.88 GPA. I got A’s in 3 out 4 of the golden four courses. One of them is communications which is what I am currently taking. What do you guys think my chances are of getting into CSULA? I also applied to CSULB.

Still haven’t heard back yet. Anyone else? It’s been a few days.

@SunnySummer77 I got accepted. Found out during second block last Friday :lol:

Are you a transfer student or from High school?

@Txnxxt I got my acceptance to CSULB last Friday, with a GPA of 3.0 and also I’m a Philosophy major. I’m sure you’ll get in just fine! Idk about CSULA still haven’t heard anything either.

I just got accepted to CSULA for Business Administration (CIS).
I haven’t received any email but on the student center, there is the green check sign that says admitted.

Just checked & my student center was updated as well! Admitted, Psychology.

GPA: 3.14
AA-T - yes
Local CC (PCC)


hi! I’m a sociology transfer cc student. I checked my portal and i noticed the green check sign, but no email confirming my acceptance. I see other people are currently having the same issue ;/

Hi Everyone!
I was following this thread for a while just to see where everyone is at with their admissions. Im excited to say I got admitted today. I checked earlier twice and decided to check one last time at 6:00 pm on the self service website and there was the green little checkmark of admissions.
Im going in as an upper-division transfer
I am local and attended West Los Angeles College
My major is Communication disorders.
My stats : GPA 3.0
finished 1 out of the 4 of the golden courses which was critical thinking. Math (in progress), english(in progress) communications (in progress)
Graduating with AA degree in Behavioral sciences
Got rejected from cal-state Long beach but i knew that would happen. Cal-state LA is closer to my house anyways. SO HAPPY!
CONGRATULATIONS! to everyone that is getting in considering that it is an impacted school.

Hello everyone,

I checked at around 6 pm today as well and I now have a green admit check! I’m a local transfer with the following stats:

Major: CIS
GPA: 3.5
No AA degree
Golden 4: AAAB
Prereq’s: Completed