Has anyone gotten accepted to UAlbany yet? (Class of 2024)

Good morning everyone,

I applied to UAlbany for RD on December 6th 2019, and I think they started sending out acceptance already so I was wondering if anyone has received an acceptance email/letter yet, for Regular Decision.

Thank You.

I got mine on the 16th so you should find out shortly, don’t stress

Did you apply for early action or regular decision?

My daughter hasn’t heard yet. She applied regular decision on 11/25.

We also applied RD Nov 25th. Have heard nothing since a “happy new year” email.

My son applied on 1/12/20 and was admitted on 1/14/20.

My daughter is still waiting…anyone else?

Same here.

Same here. This is a reach school for my son.

We just got admission. Applied 11/26. Keep The Faith!

Thats great!! Hopefully soon!!

My daughter finally got her acceptance yesterday, 3/9! Applied RD back in Nov.

My daughter has received her acceptance.

I got waitlisted with 3.1 gpa and 1390 sat. I got into Bing though.