Has anyone had this happened to them?

<p>Okay i have not heard anything from USC. I applied Dec. 10th and received a confirmation, but thats it. I never received a rejection letter from the scholarships or an MDY Request. I just have okay stats but outstanding EC's. Anyone else that hasnt heard anything whatsoever? The admissions office has been no help they just tell me my file is complete, whatever that means.</p>

<p>I havent heard anything either :(</p>

<p>I know someone who applied by the dec 10th and also hasn't heard yet. I don't think it's particularly unusual. </p>

<p>Also, they're definitely not going to say anything one way or another other than "your file is complete" outside of an official letter - that's just their policy.</p>

<p>Me too! I have also heard nothing but a confirmation note, and I applied for the scholarship deadline as well.. I'm hoping no news is good news...</p>

<p>I called today and the guy said that anyone who hasnt received a scholarship rejection letter is being pursued for a scholarship, so hopefully our rejection letters didnt get lost in the mail!</p>

<p>Im scared that im not going to get in. How many people who were accepted received the scholarship rejection Letter?</p>

<p>I'm accepted and i recieved the scholarship rejection letter.</p>

<p>i havent heard nething either :-(. i applied by the december 10th. i did however send in MYR and got a scholarship rejection.</p>