Has anyone had to appeal to get into SJSU?

So heres the story. On my supplemental application I accidentally converted my quarter units to semester units. They read my semester units as quarter units. As a result, my application was withdrawn. They told me to send out an appeal package, which includes the appeal form, a letter explaining my mistake and my official transcript. The package was received on February 21. I still don’t know if it will be accepted. I just want to know if they consider applicants who appeal?

Yes, they will consider your appeal it just depends upon how long it takes them to review your appeal application. For many CSU’s, this can take a few weeks to several months. Make sure you have a backup school your can SIR if they do not notify you of a decision by May 1.

Update: My appeal has been approved and my status is “Conditional (provisional) Admit- Self Report” What does that mean?

That means you’re accepted. Usually you would just need to send your final transcript for them to verify but you’ve already done that so idk. I’d call and ask them.