Has anyone heard back on their graduate application?

Hello all! I applied for the M.Arch program in late November and have yet to hear back. I was wondering if anyone has heard back from their respective department on their graduate application.

I applied for the M.Arch program and have not heard back as well. I did email the Graduate coordinator. From the graduate coordinator for M.Arch response, Cal poly Pomona extended their application deadlines until April 30th. Acceptance letter and MyCCP Portal admission notification the earliest would be Early May due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Hope that helps you

Thanks for your reply! I was considering emailing the grad coordinator if I hadn’t heard back by April 15th, but I’ll look for a decision in May now. I now have a to-do (to send my final undergrad transcript) in my BroncoDirect. Wishing you the best of luck!

Edit: I was accepted~

Hey @askmundo on your application status, does it say “admitted clear” or does it say something else… trying to confirm whether that actually means accepted or not. Hoping for some sort of a confirmation email or something.

Mine says “Provisional Admission Accepted” it says below I “have been admitted to the university based on self reported information…” And in my to-do list they want my final transcript (hence the provisional admission). Hope this helps.

@alexp2116 https://cpp.service-now.com/ehelp?id=kb_article&sys_id=b40f854e6fe8e600e020f35d5d3ee4f6