Has anyone heard for CS transfer

I applied for a junior year transfer for CS and I haven’t heard back yet. I called admissions and they said they are in the process of reviewing my application.

I have a 3.6 GPA, finished calc up to diff eq, taking linear algebra, got A’s in every CS class I have taken. I dont want to come off bragging, but I felt super confident that I would get in.

Anyway, if anyone else is waiting then please share because itll make me feel better about myself (=

I am waiting. I’ve gotten A’s on every CS class I’ve taken as well. Currently standing at a 3.7ish GPA. Have not heard back from UIC College of Engineering for CS. Application submitted on March 14th 2018.@tygwin

Just got admitted, hope you made it in too.

Congratulations on your acceptance. By any chance would you happen to know the difficulty of the engineering programs at UIC specifically ECE(Electrical and Computer Engineering)? I know CS comes under engineering at UIC, so how challenging is it compared to other places? You think its doable for an average student having approximately a 3.4 GPA with 35 credit hours…

Hey @dragonslayer11 . I haven’t taken any classes at UIC, so I don’t have any direct experience. But I do know a few people who go to UIC and they are surviving.

The 3.4 GPA is pretty good, but that depends what classes you have taken. If thats with a lot of calc, physics, and other classes related to your major then you’ll be100% fine.

I do have a friend who is at UIC for electrical and he has a ~2.8 GPA… so not the best. But, even though his GPA is low he still was able to find an internship.

ECE is one of the hardest college majors so wherever you go it’ll be hard. I"m pretty sure UIC is more than manageable, and if I were you I wouldn’t worry about it. Just done get complacent.

@tygwin thanks for your response! How big is the CS and ECE department at UIC? Any idea of the graduation rate for those majors?