Has anyone heard from Trinity?

<p>Well I am an Intl student. My friend already got a rejection letter yesterday but I haven't heard from them yet. Is this a good sign or a bad one???</p>

<p>I got in :)</p>

<p>OP I don't think it's any kind of sign at all. I am sure the letters go out in batches and just because soemone else got bad news doesn't mean you will too. Good Luck!</p>

<p>Annak! congrats!!!! Is it your first choice?</p>

<p>im not quite sure if it is my number one. but i visited and LOVED it... so its up there. plus, its a couple thousand less than all my other schools (pomona, whitman, rhodes, cmc) and so far i have recieved the most money from trinity also( 16k- the top amount). so its looking like a really big possibility :) which i am really excited about. does your S or D go there?</p>


<p>I know many people from my school are applying to Trinity. And none of them has received any notifications yet. How come your friend got one? Even if he got his decisions, that doesn't seem to be anything as a good sign.</p>

<p>annak-My twin Ds are both interested in applying so maybe this time next year they will be celebrating too.</p>

<p>3 people from my school have already heard their rejection. Now what about us, is it A YES???</p>


<p>Unfortunately, it is not a YES (though i hope it is). Coz. atleast 10 people from my school have applied there and i don't think they are going to accept all of us.. It just seems they send decisions on batches.</p>

<p>Two students from my school have been got in there including myselft.</p>

<p>i mistyped my sentence.....</p>

<p>@ssat maybe!</p>

<p>Do anyone of you have any idea about when are they releasing the rest of the decisions?</p>

<p>I dunno, but I got in yesterday praise god. so far, 3 acceptances no rejections, hopefully this trend continues :)</p>

<p>yea let's hope</p>

<p>Has anyone decided to attend Trinity?</p>

<p>DD got in. May attend. Waiting to see what FA looks like.</p>

<p>I got in awhile ago. Am deciding between Trinity and Boston College. HELP! It is a hard one. Although Boston sounds better than San Antonio, doesn't it? It is also more costly....</p>

<p>@katifromkaty Is TX cheaper than MA?</p>

<p>OMG! I don't think there is any city in TX that is more expensive than Boston!! And TU is a little cheaper than BC and more generous. But BC is just sooooo pretty and far away from TX! I am anxious to experience a different life!</p>

<p>go to the accademically better school.</p>