Has anyone heard of Mount Saint Mary's University Los Angeles?

I recently just applied here. Is this a good school? Does anyone know about their nursing program?

I actually go school there. The Mount is an amazing school that has so many different resources and connections in so many different fields of study. The professors are so amazing and helpful. They are real people who actually care, help, and want the best for their students. The class sizes are extremely small- 25-30 is like the largest class that you may attend. The professors also get the chance to know their students on a personal level since the class sizes are so small and you are not a number. I am not a nursing student but do have a ton of nursing friends since that is the most popular major here. The nursing program here is amazing. The mount is one of the top nursing programs in the nation. The mount prepares its students a great deal to become a nurse. The program though is competitive and is hard but so is college in general. If you have any other questions feel free to dm me.

Visit the school though the view is amazing.

Thanks for the helpful info. I heard that this school had an amazing nursing program. Definitely hoping I do get into their nursing program