Has anyone heard?

<p>I was just wondering if anyone has heard yet…we have not heard anything.</p>

<p>We are waiting as well. I got the feeling when we were there that it would be closer to the end of the month and they notify by mail, no emails or phone calls.</p>

<p>I thought it would be later in the month also, but looking back at past threads it seems as though last year people were notified right around now.</p>

<p>Oh, well I guess we'll just have to keep watching the mail. I'll post when we hear. You're in NY? We are too.</p>

<p>Yes...we are on Long Island.</p>

<p>I found out that I was accepted to the school 2 weeks ago, and today was accepted to the MT program. I am a transfer--auditioned in the second week of February. </p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>My D got her acceptance today as well, so they are probably all in the mail! Congrats and good luck to everyone.</p>

<p>We didn't get anything today, what about you nymom94? Will be anxiously watching the mail the next couple of days :)</p>

<p>Nothing today either fnpmom</p>

<p>Just received an email of acceptance to American, saying the letter is in the mail :)</p>

<p>My daughter just received the same email....I guess that is the academic acceptance? According to posts from last year - the academic acceptance and artistic decision come in the same package. Hopefully it will get here soon so we will know.</p>

<p>Not sure......but since they applied for a specific major I think it'll be for MT (hoping)
From old posts it seems like the MT letter is separate and people had trouble finding it because they put it in the back of the packet so we'll have to look carefully. Hopefully tomorrow........</p>

<p>I will get out my magnifying glass...lol</p>

<p>Good news just arrived in the mailbox....D was accepted to American for Musical Theatre :)</p>

<p>Good luck to everyone still waiting.</p>

<p>Ahhh, hurray! Congrats nymom94! I don't get home until 7pm and he has rehearsal so he won't be home any earlier. Hoping for the same good news.</p>

<p>Make sure you look at the whole acceptance packet carefully. Two years ago, my D opened it quickly, glanced at it and only saw the academic acceptance. She was disappointed until I took another look and saw the MT acceptance letter lurking behind it.</p>

<p>The first letter does only intended Theater major, so there was a moment of panic but then we found the second letter. I love that they can double major, makes spending the money a little less painful :)</p>

<p>So happy for your good news also!!!</p>

<p>My son was accepted too. I also like that they include notes from the audition and personalize the acceptance letter!</p>