Has anyone herd back from Randolph yet?

<p>I thought there deadline was today but I have not heard anything. I do know that they got my application though because the guy who is reading my application has e- mailed me saying he got it.</p>

<p>I did hear back from Randolph, yesterday actually, although I didn't open the letter until about an hour ago. I got accepted, and I'm quite excited. I submitted my application on December 1, however.</p>

<p>I thought for one second that this said Rudolph College and thought that would be awesome. Anyhow enjoy your Christmas/acceptances!</p>

<p>@ginsbergondeck Congrats! They keep on sending me big envelopes (they are not acceptances) with pamphlets about "discover Randolph and how to be an original and financial aid. Did you get all of this?</p>

<p>Yes, I did! I got lots of postcards, envelopes of all sizes, emails, etc. There has been a lot of yellow printed paper in my mailbox. Hopefully you get an acceptance letter soon! The acceptance envelope itself isn't large-- letter size, not too think, but maybe there are psychic vibes attached because somehow I knew what mine was when I got it.
@bleach340 Cheers and happy holidays to you too!</p>