Has anyone here completed the Barbara James Service Award for HOSA? Help please!

The requirement used to be 50 hours, now its 100. I’ve applied to 4 hospitals in Georgia for the VolunTeen program, and I’ll probably get around 50 to 60 hours from volunteering at one of them. I’m only going to be able to do 1 anyways since they all take place at the same time, but how can I get the remaining 40 - 50 hours for the award? The hours have to be medical/healthcare related which seems so difficult to find a place offering volunteer hours for teens. Especially considering that there are 3 levels for the award, 100 for bronze, 200 for silver and 250 for gold if IIRC.

The only EC’s I’ll have when I apply for college apps are volunteering, hosa state, fbla state, and a georgetown summer program which is really weak. Especially since I’m currently a junior with only a 3.5 gpa.