Has anyone lived in the gardens on campus apartments?

<p>these are the apartments im talking about</p>

<p>Apartment</a> Information - The Gardens at University Apartments</p>

<p>I am about to go off to school in a few months and wanted to know what peoples opinion of this new facility was. It looks very good in the pictures and the price isnt bad. could you just basically write a review about what you liked and didn't like about the complex?</p>

<p>please don't just send me to google. i couldn't find any reviews on the complex.</p>


<p>These are brand new and I think… <em>think</em> they are for “non-traditional” students.
Back in my day we called them “married student housing”. So I do not think they would be available for traditional students.</p>

<p>the info actually states they are opened to Sophomores, or married students Open August 3, 2011</p>