Has anyone NOT received letters fr. USC regarding scholarships?

<p>I applied by the Dec. 1st deadline this year, and from what I've seen, USC has sent out a wave of letters stating whether or not people received a Presidential/Trustee scholarship. I have not received a letter yet, and people who live near me have already gotten letters like these. I got the e-mail about the NTSAF scholarship and am applying to that, but other than that, I have heard no new news. Should I be worried at all?</p>

<p>I'm not sure if other people have already posted about this, but if I could get any answers that would be great.</p>

<p>You are not the only one who applied by December 1st and has not received a letter. I don't know what it means, though.</p>

<p>I, too have not received any letter regarding scholarships from USC. I applied on December 1st before the deadline and I received my application acknowledgement letter and such. My friend who received a letter last week said that he didn't get any scholarships and said that the letter stated that there are around ~1000 scholarships left to give. I have a feeling that those who didn't receive a letter are still in the running for these and perhaps USC was waiting to receive midyear grades to make a determination on these people? Who knows, but I feel better that I haven't received anything yet as opposed to a flat out rejection of scholarships.</p>

<p>To be considered for the scholarships, I have to take care of all the FAFSA, CSS profile, and all that jazz like now, right?</p>

<p>bignerd16 - Merit scholarships are not part of financial aid which is FAFSA, CSS. All these were due Feb 1 BUT if you can get them in asap - they should be able to give you an idea of financial aid for next fall.</p>


<p>I like your optimism. But here is why I think your thought is incorrect. My son did receive one of those letters. He is a 4.0 unweighted, full IB diploma, top of the class (sent on another thread). ACT probably not worthy at 33. Our school is on a trimester system and thus the first marking grades are sent the end of December. USC not only would see that his grades could not possibly go up--but his first marking grades were all A+ as well. So waiting on any further grades would make his case a non-issue. The only thing that I am hoping for is that those who received letters are among the likely to be admitted--among the 27,000 December 1 total that applied, remove the 1000 who got to the next potential level with scholarships--and then puts his application in a likely bucket for admission but no scholarhip. Of course, it probably isn't the case--but this is the first year for the Common App so how things worked in prior years may also not be any indicator. At a minimum, I would double check to make sure they have all your documents for the application, including the paid fee--which I saw was an issue on another thread. I hope you get good news.</p>

<p>My daughter also has not heard anything. Applied Nov 21st. 3.97 UW GPA (That one B in AP World History 1st semester Sophomore year drives her crazy! lol) rank 15/791.
2 AP's 10th, 4 AP's 11th, 5 AP's 12th. Mid year sent with all A's. Incredible recs. Tests are weakness but well within USC ranges, 32 ACT, 2170 SAT - 660 CR/ 720 M /790 W School newspaper staff writer, class senator 9th/10th, class treasurer 11th/12th, NHS, EHS, Key club officer, 2011 National winner of NCTE writing contest. Competitive dancer involving 20-25 hours week of class and rehearsals for last 8 years and has numerous recognitions and awards academically and artistically. Started a dance Program at local Boys and Girls club. Just voted "most likely to succeed" in senior class too lol!! Hope that holds true! Applied to Annenberg and hoping to also minor in dance. A boy in her class (who applied 30 minutes before the Dec 1st deadline lol) with higher test scores but lower GPA and not as much EC was accepted last week. Not sure of his scholarship status. She called yesterday and they said to wait a bit longer as all notifications have not been received. Even without scholarship interview/offer I would think she'd still be in the running for March acceptance as her Stats are very strong compared to avg enrolled Freshman last year. I doubt that those who received "no scholarship" letters are likely the main pool of applicants being considered still. I think USC just has kinks to work out with their system. Be patient and good luck ilysamkandi!!!</p>

<p>Momalisa, It is possible that those who have received acceptance letters and not the "sorry" letter are still in the running for the top three scholarships. I do not believe that those who have received the "sorry" letter only effects their admission at all.</p>

<p>"I doubt that those who received "no scholarship" letters are likely the main pool of applicants being considered still. "</p>

<p>Being considered for acceptance? Yes they still are .
There are about 7000 more acceptance letters to go out in late March</p>

<p>so, the next wave for those not up for trustee/presidential isn't unitl March?</p>

<p>there have been some waves of acceptances in late Feb in the past, but the bulk of acceptances are mailed in late March. That may or may not be the case this year, with the addition of so many applications using the Common app.</p>

<p>Yes of course they are still being considered too. I was stating that even if you did not receive communications of any type you are still being considered. A post above mentioned that the kids who did receive a "sorry" letter might be the main pool being considered. Everyone who applied before Dec 1st should have received a letter of some sort apparently but there are kinks in the system. Hopefully USC will work them out.</p>

<p>Whoever my daughter spoke to yesterday in admissions made it sound like she should get some type of notification soon. They did not indicate in any way her status. I'm thinking her "sorry no scholarship and no acceptance yet" letter will be here any day now. lol We are fine waiting till March for a final answer although it's annoying knowing you were supposed to receive a letter of some sort and didn't. She has FSU honors college and dance program and Michigan dual degree Music Theatre and Dance and LSA so far. Won't know any of rest till late March and April 1st! Well except for UF which is this Friday but she wants out of Florida. Very unfortunate for our bank account. :-/</p>

<p>"Everyone who applied before Dec 1st should have received a letter of some sort ."</p>

<p>I know of no communication from the office of admissions that states that all applicants who applied by Dec 1 should have received a letter by now? .

<p>on these boards it said 27,000 letters were sent with 1000 getting acceptances and some of those 1000 getting scholarship invites. Not sure which thread I read it on. New here and learning way around. Maybe not all received yet but supposed to receive something soon, definitely before March! Also, this is straight of USC blog:</p>

<p>Recently we sent out letters to applicants who submitted their applications prior to the December 1st merit-based scholarship consideration deadline. A small number of students were notified of their admission and invited to interview for Trustee and Presidential Scholarships, while EVERYONE ELSE was notified that they are still being considered for admission along with all of the students that met the final January 10th application deadline.</p>

<p>Just curious Melonparkmom, do you work for USC? You seem very knowledgeable about their admissions.</p>

<p>The source is the USC admissions blog, dated Feb 3: "Recently we sent out letters to applicants who submitted their applications prior to the December 1st merit-based scholarship consideration deadline."</p>

<li>still waiting -</li>

<p>Momalisa: I think what was said was 27,000 applications were received by the Dec 1 deadline, and 1000 were invited to interview for the trustee and presidential scholarships.</p>

<p>Thanks for that reference to the Feb 3 blog. Given that USC uses the USPS for regular mail, it would not surprise me that many letters will take a while to reach all mail boxes. </p>

<p>No I dont work for USC, but I have been here for 6 years and have brought to the attention of the head of admissions issues in the past that posters on CC have brought up . USC has responded and make changes to how regular applicants are notified of the status of their application , based on recommendations from many CC posters.</p>

<p>I have not received a letter yet, either. Everyone in my school has received the "no scholarship, we'll tell you later about admissions" letter. I thought my letter got lost in the mail, but it is good to know that others have not received it.</p>

<p>So I called USC and my adviser told me that they did indeed send me a letter on the 26th and that I should have received it by now obviously (I live 20 minutes from campus). I hope it didn't get lost in the mail or delivered to the wrong person...</p>

<p>Just called again and talked to a different person and they told me that not all letters have been sent yet and to call back in a week or two if you haven't received it yet.</p>