Has anyone received acceptance letters yet??

<p>If you have, please post your stats and merit/scholarship awards.</p>


<p>Nothing yet</p>

<p>Not yet; and hopeful they have everything.</p>

<p>Stonehill is DS’s #1 choice, and true to life’s contradictions - it has been the worst with regard to any kind of correspondence. The child has called/emailed at least a dozen times with questions, confirmation of receipt requests, and received nothing by way of communication back. </p>

<p>Every other of the dozen schools he has applied to, from the first question back in April, have responded if not in the same day, at least in 24 hours.</p>

<p>Not impressed!</p>

<p>This just came up on the Stonehill “MyHill” website:</p>

<p>“Thank you for applying to Stonehill College. Decisions have been finalized for the Class of 2018. Please check your mail for a decision letter in the coming days.”</p>

<p>D received acceptance today but no mention of scholarship.</p>

<p>For what it’s worth, last year D received her offer of a Presidential scholarship in the same letter as her acceptance.</p>

<p>I figured it would be there if it were being offered but since the profile was required I thought they would give some inclination of some aid.<br>
She’s our oldest so this is our first rodeo :)</p>

<p>Yes got ours today, $10,000 scholarship</p>


<p>SAT 2040
Unweighted GPA 3.6
Weighted GPA 4.3
2 APs
NHS, lots of ECs</p>

<p>$10k/yr Deans Scholarship</p>

<p>Hi all,
My D got an acceptance letter yesterday from Stonehill. 25K scholarship and a 1.5K International Travel award! Very impressive offer!</p>

<p>Congrats denaht – can you post your stats please?</p>

<p>We received our acceptance today. Presidential Scholarship.</p>

<p>Accepted with a $20,000/year presidential scholarship and $1,500 international travel award</p>

<p>1850 SAT/ 27 ACT
3.7 GPA (unweighted)
6 APs, 4s and 5s on all
Editor-in-chief of school newspaper, varsity captain of swim team, officer of honor society
Strong essay and interview</p>

<p>Son received a 25k Scholarship and 1500 international travel award. Accepted into the honors program</p>

<p>Accepted with Dean’s scholarship (10k/year)</p>

<p>2020 SAT
3.25 GPA (UW) 3.5 (W)
2 APs 6 Honors
Strong ECs
Not sure about rec’s but assuming they’re good</p>