Has anyone received course/housing selection info?

<p>Has any admitted student received course and/or housing selection information from Mount Holyoke. When I called last week, they said it was being mailed that day. I'm in Massachusetts and haven't received anything yet...</p>

<h2>My fall, admitted class of 2014, D received the following e-mail on 5/21/10:</h2>

<p>Dear -FIRSTIE-:</p>

<p>We are excited to share with you a New Student Web site we've created to help prepare you for entering Mount Holyoke College.</p>

<p>On the Web site, there are a number of important forms that need to be completed, as well as curriculum and advising information, orientation resources, information from Student Financial Services, and an academic calendar. Many of the forms found on this Web site need to be completed by early June. Also note, online registration begins June 7 and ends July 1.</p>

<p>Many of the online forms require that you login to your ISIS account. You will need your username and password. If you have a problem logging in, please contact the Office of Admission.</p>

<p>ISIS Login Information:
(Please note, if you have previously changed your password, you will need to use the password you created.)</p>

<p>We will send you a paper-based mailing that will include a checklist to assist you, and an envelope for you to mail in your completed pre-entrance health forms.</p>

<p>Please go to the New Student Web site at: Mount</a> Holyoke College :: New Students</p>

<p>We are looking forward to your arrival on campus!</p>

<p>Warmest wishes,</p>

<p>Diane C. Anci
Dean of Admission
Mount Holyoke College</p>


<p>My D received the following e-mail on 5/24/10:</p>

<p>Dear -FIRSTIE-:</p>

<p>We are pleased to be able to provide you with your Mount Holyoke College email account that you may begin utilizing immediately. Please note, you will be sent information from the College to your MHC email address. It is important that you regularly check your MHC email account.</p>

<p>To access your Mount Holyoke College email, go to the MHC homepage: Mount</a> Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts. You will see a link entitled, Login, click the link and on the following page click Email. Once you open that link, you will be directed to enter your username and password and then click the "Log in" box.</p>

<p>Your Mount Holyoke College email address: <a href="mailto:XXXX@holyoke.edu">XXXX@holyoke.edu</a></p>

(Please note, if you have previously changed your ISIS password, you will need to use the password you created for ISIS.)</p>

<p>Additional information about your Mount Holyoke College email account can be found at: Mount</a> Holyoke College :: Email. If you need assistance with your email account, you may phone 413-538-2023 or contact: <a href="mailto:admission@mtholyoke.edu">admission@mtholyoke.edu</a>.</p>

<p>Office of Admission
Mount Holyoke College
Mount</a> Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts</p>


<p>From these messages, it is not clear whether firsties will get much in the post mail other than an empty envelope to send completed forms to MHC.</p>

<p>The housing form is on the MHC website, by the way, as is the entire course catalog (on ISIS).</p>

<p>I have a question, has anyone yet received anything from MHC about paying tuition? Does anyone know when this might be coming?</p>

<p>Mount Holyoke no longer issues paper bills. I see from reading the posts above that much more has now gone "green." For details: Accounts/Billing</a> FAQ :: Student Financial Services :: Mount Holyoke College</p>

<p>I looked at the new student site and I see there are links under "Financial Aid and Billing" to the page: Payment</a> of Bill :: Student Financial Services :: Mount Holyoke College</p>

<p>icesk8mom: Thanks. I saw that too on the MHC web site. I must say that I am a bit, shall I say, "surprised" that MHC does not make things abundantly clear to newbies like me. A simple paper letter in the mail sayimg what we have to do and when would have been nice. Even MHC's website does not make things clear about what ($$$) is due and when. I spent an hour searching MHC's site to find this information. Shortly after I posted yesterday, I signed up for the 10 month payment plan, the first payment for which is due by June 1, a few days from now. Why MHC did not say anything to newbies about this is "surprising". My D is in HS and certainly not capable of paying or managing such financial obligations. A paper letter SHOULD have gone out to all parents, who certainly are footing the bills. It's nice that MHC is going "green", but not many trees would have been lost had there been a paper post mailing. I think all companies are using "greenness" as an excuse for cutting costs and making consumers do the work that they used to do.</p>

<p>I totally understand where you are coming from ConCernedDad! In fact, I mentioned to my daughter that I thought it could have been clearer.</p>

<p>When my older daughter went to college (a large public university), we were shocked at orientation to learn that by law (FERPA, I believe), colleges can only correspond with students over 18 and not parents...a privacy issue. In fact, the person at the college joked that a US Senator must have had an issue to make such a law! Parents of "first child in college" complained that while they were going to pay the tuition, they could have no expectation of seeing grades. Students can sign a waiver. Most don't. I never got a complaint when I opened older daughter's mail....when it was the tuition bill!</p>

<p>If I recall, they will mention this somewhere along the line in orientation....and there are sessions where parents are welcome :)</p>

<p>I'm not quite sure why billing falls under FERPA, but both schools worked it this way. Many of my my friends have remarked about this as well, so it seems it is "business as usual" at the college level. I'm sure you've seen that at Mount Holyoke, your daughter can set you up to received e-bill notification. Once you are set up, you will get e-mail notifications when bills come out. If I recall, the "sender" is "sfs".</p>

<p>Hope this helps you and any other parent with the same question!</p>

<p>Concerning about the complain by ConcernDad, I thought Moho did the excellent job. I do not why he complain about ... the trees... He (She?) may be a foreigner.</p>

<p>...Hmm you sound more foreign to me.</p>

<p>ConcerndDad: Bills are due July 31st, it's stated on the SFS site when a student logs in. As for the info packet, I saw someone posted on Facebook saying that they're on the way. </p>

<p>I have to agree though, I was surprised to see that the payment plan was supposed to start on June 1st when no reminders were sent. But then again, I didn't sign up for that.</p>

<p>Paper mail envelope received by my D yesterday from MHC. Not much in there though. Mostly instructions to go to the web site. At least it is confirmation that MHC has not forgotten about her.</p>

<p>Don't worry, MHC won't forget anyone! I remember feeling that way when I was admitted because I heard nothing from the time I got in (in December!) until I received my packet of information in early June. But with everything online, all that info you give will be put into their system much faster, and there are fewer opportunities for things to go missing or get mixed up. The offices of admission, reslife, and financial services have so many papers flying in and out of there this time of year that this makes things much safer and easier.
The billing online IS annoying though - I never did figure out how to get the bills to my dad through the email forwarding thing (it kept rejecting his password) so I just had to save them as pdfs and forward them myself.</p>

<p>One thing I discovered as the parent of a MHC student, after she was admitted last year, is this: the college provides information to the student, via electronic network, not the parent. When we went to orientation during daughter's move-in it became abundantly clear that the college views the young women as adults and treats them as such. So, what does this mean? Any financial information will go through your daughter and parents need to communicate clearly and often with their daughter in order to obtain access to said information. Parents can set up for a password that allows them access to financial information, in order to stay on top of things. Some records require the student's permission for parents to access.</p>

<p>Our experience with MHC is that they heave their i's dotted and t's crossed. If any parent is in the dark regarding bills/payments/ financial concerns, do call and talk with someone! The people in the offices were friendly and more than willing to help us as we navigated through the confusion of financial aid and bills/payments of bills. Never were they impatient with us, only understanding and helpful.</p>

<p>A year later, we've become "old pros" and I promise that those of you just beginning this journey with your daughter will be as well, by the end of the year. In the beginning it's a lot to take in and a new learning curve on many levels, both for the student, but for parents as well. </p>

<p>We too, signed up for the auto-pay monthly installments, which are oh-so- helpful. Good luck!</p>