Has anyone taken the ACT in Europe?

My daughter and I are going to be somewhere in Europe for the June 11 ACT test date, and she and I would like to sign her up to take it there. They won’t let you see the test locations without doing a dummy registration, but it looks like all of the test locations are in “International Schools.”

Does anybody have any thoughts are advice on this. She thinks it would be interesting to take it overseas, but we don’t want it to be so “interesting” that it interferes with her ability to take the test.

We haven’t planned our itinerary yet, but I’m thinking she might take it in France, Germany, Austria, or the Czech Republic. Are there any countries or testing locations that we would want to avoid?

I have not, although I have taken it in Asia.

That said, I don’t think you would be likely to encounter any problem, provided she could adjust well enough to the time difference to be able to take an early morning test. If you were able to get a spot at an American international school in Paris, Berlin, etc., the experience would probably be virtually indistinguishable from taking the the test in the U.S., right down to the American teachers running the thing and the American students taking the test. Even if you ended up somewhere more local, all of the procedures are standardized worldwide, everything is done in English, and so on.

One other thing to note is that ACTs given outside the U.S.–or at least those given in Asia–are recycled U.S. tests from a few years back and so do not necessarily reflect all the latest changes. Thus, if one were to take the ACT outside of the U.S., one would not necessarily see paired passages in the reading section, for example. This is not a bad thing–just something to be aware of.

The act can be taken at the Paris international school for instance, in a posh suburb, and I know many students who took it there and liked it :slight_smile: