Has anyone taken the New Sat Pre-Test?

<p>Just curious if anyone has taken the New Sat Pre-test on Collegeboard.com. You can take the test and submit your grades and see what your possible score is. Or, am I the only one?</p>

<p>I just took the verbal section</p>

<p>I'm going to have to take this some time.</p>

<p>? nver heard of it
better go check</p>

<p>when you guys have taken it post your scores.</p>

<p>Missed three Critical Reading which gives me a score range of 750 to...750??? Harsh curve, and I'm not sure that's really so much of a range as an exact number...</p>

<p>Also, why's it called cr when there are sc's? So glad I'm a senior...</p>

<p>you "critically read" the sentence completions :-P</p>

<p>do you think its harder than the old SAT? I have no idea, since I have never taken the first one. I will have to take the new one during my junior year.</p>

<p>I got the 10 real SAT's version of the new sat:
"The Official SAT Study Guide: For the New SAT"
Haven't looked at it though</p>

<p>I just finished it. It's 9 sections because they omitted experimental.</p>

<p>720 Math (Missed 3...uhhhh that should be like a 780 i know.)
720 Verbal (Missed 6....yeeeeah once again, harsh curve)
770 Writing (Missed 6, 12 on the essay. lol)</p>

<p>2210 Total. I like the New SAT so much better because it gives lots of room between scores and gives you a more accurate score. Not so many people will have the same score now and colleges will get to look at some different stuff.</p>

<p>adidasty what do you mean people wont have the same score? Primarily on the essay? or sentence correction?</p>

<p>Also what math is needed to have a maximum score in the new sat?</p>

<p>Less people will have the same score. Say....now we have many people who get 1480's. There will be fewer people who have the same breakdown to get a 2210 oe 2340 or 1840 just because there are more possible scores. Ummmm for math, I'm getting the idea that the curve is the same. Probably 800,800,780 if math is hard or 800,780,760 if math is easy.</p>

<p>Did anyone else find that those math and writing sections were entirely too easy? Today I took an old SAT practice test and then took that New Sat practice test and it seemed that the math on that New practice test was, comparatively, a complete joke. Also, the writing seemed a bit too easy because I only missed four and got a 740 while I usually fall into the 700 range on writing.</p>

<p>well I heard that collegeboard will also be lenient on the first test it gives also maybe the 2nd one. I did find some questions easy but some were wierd for me, cause as always, I have a hard time applying formulas toward word problem (anyone know where I can cure this pain?). But for the vocab it was easy, they were words William Saffire from NYT would laugh at.</p>

<p>"it seemed that the math on that New practice test was, comparatively, a complete joke."
the old math was a joke! I cannot comprehend how much easier it can get...</p>

<p>so jang ur saying the math got easier?</p>