Has anyone taken three classes in one day?

The three classes that I want are all on Tues-Thurs. and I’m a little worried about doing all three at the same time. Like taking three finals all on the same day. Have you ever done this, and how did you feel?

I have had 3 classes on one day pretty much every semester (and I’ll have 4 Tuesday Thursday next semester, plus a 3 hour lab thurs). It’s not that bad, and I think it’s actually fairly common.
My university has a finals schedule in place so you can’t have more than two finals on the same day.

Same as above - pretty regular to have 3 classes a day.

It depends on the lengths of the classes, but that’s not an uncommon thing to do. Most schools have some kind of a staggered final exam schedule so one won’t end up with 3 or more on one day, but it’s entirely possible you’ll have 3 non-final exams on one day.

Not that rare.

I doubt that your final exams would be all scheduled together. Some colleges do have policies where if you have 3 finals on 1 day, you can contact administration to move one of them, so that’s something to look into just in case.

I have either 3 or 4 classes a day every day except Thursday, where I have a 3 hour lab and one other class. To make matters worse, my classes are 15 minutes apart and take place in the same lecture hall. While it can drag on after a couple hours and days when tests line up are really stressful, it’s nice to be able to get them all out of the way and get on with my day.

3 classes a day is very normal.If they are longer than a standard 1-hour lecture and back-to-back it will get long but not impossible. My school schedules finals months ahead of time and allows an alternate final if you have 3 in one day. Regular exams such as mid-terms don’t have rules like that but the professor may still allow you to change if you ask.

Are you only taking three classes, and having M/W/F free? If that’s true it’s very manageable as long as you don’t slack off the other 5 days.

It is not unusual.

I’ve got four classes on Monday/Wednesdays this semester, and I also work on Mondays. Makes for quite a long day, but definitely doable. Just make sure to schedule yourself time to eat and don’t slack off on doing homework on your days with fewer classes!

The worst I had was having class from 10-11, then 12-5 straight (including a 3 hour lab) on Fridays.

Haven’t heard of 3 finals in one day, although if three or more of your classes had scheduled finals on the same day, you can usually petition to reschedule them. Final exams are typically scheduled to minimize the number of such conflicts.

I have 4 straight 50 minute classes Monday and it’s fine I’m not too burnt out when I’m done and 3 classes Tuesday thru Thursday and all have been fine! It feels like long days T/TH but really not bad! It’s common to have about 2-4 classes a day on average in college and also colleges typically have finals schedules in place and have them scattered based on class so you will be fine there!!

Yes. Agreed per above, you can get it moved at my school if the finals end up all being on one day. Usually the maximum is two in one day, but it never hurts to ask

Yeah. Me. I have a 55 min class, an hour & 35 min class, and a 3 hour lecture all in the same day.

My classes were always five three days a week and two on Tues. and Thur.

Wow this is hilarious hearing people talk about their 1 hour classes. Lol try 3, 3 hour classes on day for 9 straight hours of class with only one 1 hour break

Oh good, another random comment to a 4+ year old thread to waste our time reading through…

I doubt that your final exams would be all scheduled together.