Has anyone tried CollegeGo SAT PREP?

It is a paid service and I got an email about it from College Confidential. Is it any better than the free practice on Kahn Academy?

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I doubt it. I would NEVER use a test prep company. Your money is far better spent on private tutoring where a test prep tutor can individualize what you need. Test prep companies have to cater to the masses. It’s also very expensive. For probably less money, you could go private.

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For reading and writing, Khan Academy should be enough. You get all the resources and practice problems there.
For math, I have had a bad experience with Khan Academy or one-to-one tutoring. Test prep companies do not focus on the individual students. So I instead used a platform where we get personalized AI-powered feedback, multiple tutors (can switch between them to find the right fit), and unlimited practice problems. It was so much fun to use, and cheap too. I got a 790 on maths. I can share more about my test prep if you’d like.