Has anyone went to a CC and transferred to a Tier 1/Ivy?

<p>I performed poorly my first two years of HS and am paying the price by attending a local community college. Graduation is next month (for HS) and I've taken a years worth of accelerated credits already (4.0 GPA) and plan to keep pulling A's.</p>

<p>There's nothing I can really do about my atrocious HS GPA. However, I love learning and will be taking time off this fall to retake the SATs (took them last year, one time) and many different subject tests. However, reading these threads has made me discouraged. Should I consider transferring to a Tier 2 (Top 100) university and applying to an Ivy as a junior transfer?</p>

<p>My friend went from cc to wharton, but he had perfect sats in hs and a high gpa.</p>

<p>If you do well (3.8+), you definitely have a shot at schools with relatively high transfer acceptance rates, such as Cornell, Northwestern, Rice, Vanderbilt, USC and Notre Dame.</p>

<p>I did horrible in HS. Went to CC 2 years and got a 3.9 GPA. I am going to attend Vanderbilt in the fall. PM me if you have any questions.</p>

<p>yea i think u have a chance. </p>

<p>I came out of high school with a 3.4 -3.5 average</p>

<p>Went to community college for a year with a 3.81 gpa and now transferring to Georgetown.</p>

<p>Make sure your Extra-curriculars and essay are up there though.</p>

<p>Sounds great.</p>

<p>I go to CC and I have a classmate who got into Cornell, Stanford, and Yale. (I have no idea what his stats are like.)</p>

<p>From my experience, a school's prestige has barely, if any, influence on transfer decisions. It's really what you make of the school that counts. When colleges are selective (especially at the HYS admit level), they'll look at what makes you unique as an applicant and place much less weight on more petty factors, like the institution you're transferring from.</p>

<p>^I would disagree with ld. While a college doesn't consider the 'prestige' of your current school, they do consider the average range of the student body at the college you're attending. Getting a 4.0 at a CC is different than getting a 4.0 at a top public or private 4yr college because of this difference in the level of your cohorts. No flames please, I transferred from a CCC to a UC. I think it's a good idea to retake your SATs as it's a way to show colleges how you score on a standardized test compared to students nation-wide.</p>

<p>This is not to say that CC students cannot transfer to the most selective school, they can. However, it is harder because you have to prove without at doubt that if accepted you will be successful within a much more competitive group of students.</p>

<p>Entomom is corrrect. Also note SAT scores will be very important as will achievements outside of the classroom, a high GPA at a CC will not get you into a top college alone.</p>

<p>Considering that one attends a less prestigious institution, the rigor of the courses that ties with a certain GPA is significantly reviewed by the adcoms in a holistic manner.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that for those who apply to Georgetown, its waiting-list is very recognized.</p>

<p>Essays and GPA matter more than SATs/ACTs. I know someone who transfered from from a CC to Brown with a mediocre ACT score but with stellar grades and personal statements.</p>

<p>abhorrent high school record. 4.0 at a community college ---> Cornell.</p>

<p>Thank you all for your wonderful insight. My only other concern is that I would like to apply to medical school (preferably MD/PhD programs) and am unsure how transferring 2-3 times would look. Money, for me, is not too much of a concern, nor is time. I simply do not want my application to appear "flaky."</p>

<p>My essay should be fine. GPA is no problem, nor are the SAT/ACT/SAT Subject Tests. Transferring to my flagship university (in the top 100 according to USNWR) shouldn't be a problem either and will allow more time for undergraduate research (a must have when applying to joint MD/PhD programs).</p>

<p>As of now, my only notable EC is volunteering at a community medical center.</p>

<p>In addition, would it be in my favor to transfer to Rutgers (my state uni) after a year or maybe even just one semester of CC or should I stay here for two years?</p>

My only other concern is that I would like to apply to medical school (preferably MD/PhD programs) and am unsure how transferring 2-3 times would look.


<p>First of all, why would you be transferring 3 times?? Do a Search on the PreMed Topics forum for 'transfer'. What I have picked up over there is that the main concern about transferring is that you start establishing ECs at one school (clubs, shadowing, etc.) and then have have to start again when you transfer. This makes it more difficult to have continuity and attain leadership positions.</p>

<p>Wow, MD/PhD and money is not much of a concern, you're unique there!</p>


<p>CC-->State U-->Tier 1 (Top 50 USNWR)
CC-->Tier 1 (Top 50 USNWR)</p>

<p>I misspoke and meant to say a maximum of two times, not three. I will have three transcripts if I transfer twice. Hopefully that clears things up.</p>

<p>Some MD/PhD programs are fully funded (your education is paid for completely). Otherwise, I plan on taking out loans for graduate school.</p>

<p>You are right about the continuity of activities, which is one of my primary concerns.</p>

<p>If I can refer to your post history, you made up twice the false number of test scores in order to get people to chance you as a transfer to Ivies (Top Schools).</p>

<p>You should be focusing on studying for the SAT I over the Summer and retake it in October or November if you want to do well. Most importantly, get off CC during the school year, research the schools you are interested, and build your resume with the (GPA/Class rigor, Letters of Recommendations, Essays, and ECs).</p>

<p>I merely did that to obtain results (Example: I have xxxx SAT score, what are my chances?).</p>

<p>I have a friend on here who is going to Baruch next year and is also planning to transfer out with an abhorrent high school record like me. </p>

<p>Again, focus on the SAT before you do anything else. Try to get the better results than before when you re-register for Fall. I recommend you not to retest after Freshmen year because most schools do not encourage a latter testing out of HS.</p>