Has anyone who was asked for mid-year grades been accepted?

<p>It seems like most of the people who have been initially accepted were on the "review by committee" status for a while and weren't ask for mid-year grades. Has there been anyone accepted who was sent a letter requesting grades? I'm thinking that the people who were asked to submit grades probably won't here until close to the end of March.</p>

<p>I have only read about one person so far that was asked for mid-year grades via mail and was accepted...I have the same question as you...I'm starting to lose hope.</p>

<p>The letter that asked for mid-year grades stressed that they wouldn't be sending more information until late March or early April. I wouldn't completely lose hope yet, although it is very frustrating and there is a good chance we're both rejected. Still, the people who were accepted in this first wave were probably in the top statistically.</p>

<p>Don't lose hope! I am still waiting too. USC can't reject everyone who had mid-year grade requests :)</p>

<p>I bet if the grades are good, you actually have a good chance of being accepted.</p>

<p>My logic: If a school asks for midterm grades, most likely they are on the fence about you. If the grades are good, you get in, if not, nope. </p>

<p>If they were going to reject you, they wouldn't ask you for your grades only to reject you regardless of what they were.</p>

<p>^agree. my mid-year grades request letter says that they just completed a 'preliminary review...and are writing to request further information', so they probably just want more information before deciding. i dont think it means we're rejected (at least, just not yet...)</p>

<p>Hmm.. thinking about what acarey617 said, have you guys heard of applicants not receiving a mid-year request or scholarship? I think USC just asks mid-year grades from everyone, whether or not they are on the fence or not.</p>

<p>I don't think so.</p>

<p>They didn't ask for mine. They had a window where you could submit them online, but they didn't ask most applicants for an official set from their schools, I don't think.</p>

<p>Didn't ask for my d's either...however, I have another child (well, not a child - haha) who is a current student at SC who DID have a request for mid-year grades and was (obviously) accepted...</p>

<p>A lot of people, including myself, got the "request" because in the "you're not getting a merit scholarship" letter.</p>

<p>I got it in the "not getting a scholarship" letter. I had submitted them voluntarily long before though.</p>

<p>I got asked for midyear which i was glad to give (straight As) but haven't heard from them yet....</p>

<p>I got asked for midyears and got in</p>

<p>I think the mid-year request we are discussing is the one that came in a mid-year request letter...not the one that stated that we were not receiving the presidential/trustee scholarship.</p>

<p>^ I got the midyear request in a separate letter too.</p>

<p>My 48 yr old brain is getting very confusled (my word).....I think my d got a letter telling her she didn't get scholarships and at the bottom reminded her about midyears.....
Don't think she got another letter asking for grades; but when she emailed admissions to find out why her status was stuck, she got an email back to send her grades if she hadn't done so already.....</p>

<p>we have been stuck on " we have received grades" since February 10th.....I am thinkin' rejection, but there are fewer applicants on this thread with this status than all of those who miraculously had their status change last night to "currently reviewing".....Hmmmmm, I wonder.......</p>

<p>"there are fewer applicants on this thread with this status than all of those who miraculously had their status change last night to 'currently reviewing'"</p>

<p>that right there is my one shred of hope</p>

<p>I was asked for a mid-year report and I was accepted.</p>

<p>hmmm, so I guess getting asked for these may be good or bad...Keep posting so we can get a better idea.</p>

<p>I got asked for midyears and got in</p>