<li>A growing number of states have adopted laws.
Isn't it supposed to be "has" since it refers to a growing number?
Any explanation? thanks!!</li>

<p>"a number of [plural]" is plural; "the number of [plural/singular]" is singular. For example:</p>

<p>A number of dogs have counted their hens. The number of hens that they counted is shocking.</p>

<p>its refering to states thereby making it have. Either way the sentence doesnt read correctly with has</p>

<p>Follow silverturtle's guidance! (A grammarian-extraordinaire!)</p>

its refering to...

is also incorrect. Should be: "It's referring to"</p>

<p>Just say the sentence out loud. "Has" just sounds wrong.</p>

<p>Sounding things out should be a last resort.</p>

<p>Meh, "has" seems out of place as much as it is in this sentence: "I can has cheezeburger?"</p>


<p>But there are many times when the right thing sounds wrong. For example:</p>

<p>"Each of us is nice."</p>