Has my teacher submitted my rec?

how do i know if a teacher submitted their rec? like the button used to say “not started” now it says “started”. she said she submitted it but i want to make sure if the common app accepted it.

It would say “submitted”. If it still says “started” ask her to double check she hit submit. My son had a couple of teachers NOT do that when they were done.

IIRC there are 4 statuses utilized by the Common App for LORs (including Guidance Counselor’s LOR, which includes your SSR/Transcript:)

  1. Not Started
  2. Started: Teacher/Counselor has started filling out the LOR form. Keep in mind that it takes time, as it's not just a letter, but includes checking the boxes that matches your opinion of the applicant for different characteristics, recommender information etc.)
  3. Submitted
  4. Downloaded: Means that the school has downloaded the LOR to their online application system, and as most college using the Common App have application portals that auto-sync with the Common App every morning, you'll see your application portal checklist be updated to "received" for the different application parts as your LORs are submitted. This status also shows for your Common Application and the writing supplement, and the submission of your Common App and its sync-up with the college's applicant portal is what creates your portal and triggers log-in details to be sent to your email address (so make sure to use one that you'll check!!)

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!