Has New System Changed CCM Notifications?

In looking at past threads for CCM notifications after auditions, it seems people heard relatively quickly if they were a “no” via their “Check My Status” portals. Since CCM changed systems, has anyone heard anything/seen any changes in their application statuses? D’s Artistic app still says “Audition Scheduled”, though she has already auditioned. Academic app still just says “Applied”, though she applied back in September. Just curious if maybe they are changing the way they do things? Thanks!

I have the exact same thing on my status even though I auditioned almost 2 weeks ago…

My daughter (theater tech) had her portfolio review at CCM Jan. 16. Her status is “hold.” They say they will let her know by March. 1

I know that there are people who heard (via email, I believe) that they are “on hold”, or not accepted. I don’t know if the status online changed or not.

@MT4Life do you know of anyone from NY Unifieds who has heard?

We were there over the weekend for an audition (not MT) and went to the parent session by CCM admissions. They said you should be notified in a week or so by email referring you to your online portal. Will get a yes, no, or hold. If hold then a final decision by March 1. However, I heard a couple of the CCM people mention they were having challenges with the new system (I suspect it was more user training than technical problems). They didn’t say this, but I suspect that could delay them slightly.

Found out the answer to my own question :slight_smile: D talked with CCM admissions since there seems to have been so much variation on info. Apparently while SOME people might hear a yes, no, hold within the week or so window, they said most wouldn’t hear till March or April and that means a decision has yet to be made. Good to know!

Thanks for this @stagedoormama. Every time I see there’s an update on this thread I have that little moment of dread, as my d has been in the same limbo - her portal wording is exactly the same as yours. Now maybe we can lump CCM in with all the “you’ll hear at the end of March” rest of them and relax a little.

Interesting @stagedoormama, that isn’t what the admissions dean said at the parent info session. However, it is consistent with what we heard from the instrument professor our son auditioned with (had a Q&A after auditions were done). In my earlier post I assumed the dean was closer to the process than the professor. Maybe a bad assumption.

@raellis123 Could also be a difference between Instrumental and MT? Not sure. That’s why we talked to them since it seemed everyone has been hearing something different…weird.

I’ve been checking my email and portal all day today and I’m in the same boat as everyone else. Nothing has changed. I auditioned last Saturday and they told us the same thing reported by others here. They told us we would hear a “yes, no or hold” by the next Friday (today) UNLESS they had a snow day on Tuesday. In which case, it would be another week.

Anyone know if CCM was out because of snow on Tuesday? :slight_smile:

@MTInformation from their Twitter account and website they didn’t cancel school on Tuesday. My guess is that w/ Chicago and LA Unifieds this week they might just be waiting before making any decisions. Especially with the applicant pool up

I auditioned at Chicago Unifieds and received an email the other day saying that a decision had been made on my admission and to log on. I received a no.

CCM question: do you have to be admitted acedemically to the university first before they tell you your artistic decision?