Has this ever been done?

As I wrap up my College admissions Journey, I was reflecting on some of the questions asked by each school.
I thought it would be interesting to do a college admissions experiment. A process that’s
:heavy_check_mark:name-blind(because that can indicate a persons background /gender)
:heavy_check_mark:gender blind
A student is admitted on merit, grades, test scores, and extracurriculars :thinking: how would a class shape up?
I will be a Psychology major in the fall. Certain aspect of this process is interesting to me as I start to dissect it.


Not sure, but this might resemble the system used in China–with the exception of ECs.

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take a look at the admissions process for Hunter College High School.

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Thanks. I looked them up. That’s very interesting :thinking:

What is your hypothesis natinthehatt?

Very few schools would have any appreciable change.