Has your "High School Transcript" checked on application status?

<p>My guidance counselor uploaded my high school transcripts a few months ago electronically on commonapp. And she sent paper copies to school because of my request. But I found "High School Transcript" item unchecked on my application status (It has appeared under outstanding items for application for several days). Should I worry about that? Is it necessary for me to email or call admission office?</p>

<p>Mine was checked only a few days ago. Maybe wait a few more days before calling them.</p>

<p>Mine just got checked in literally yesterday night.</p>

<p>My transcripts were ALSO sent months ago and I still have YET to see a freaking check! I've e-mailed a couple of times though just to keep track and make sure and they assured me they were running behind and if anything was missing they would make sure to contact me. You're probably fine!</p>

<p>Same as Ajene333. They said they are running behind schedule. They also said - if there is any document missing - they will send you an individual email asking for that document. so not to worry.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for everyone. Applying to colleges is a serious business and I am just too nervous.</p>

<p>Just a question.. Are you guys applying RD or EDII?
Mine isn't checked yet even though I am applying EDII... But they haven't sent me any email asking for anything, so I'm just waiting..</p>

<p>Rather than waiting... You guys can email them with your NYU id number and ask if they received it. It usually takes them less than 2 days to reply and that way you'll know for sure.</p>

<p>I am applying RD.</p>

<p>I searched a lot these days. There's a website on New York University which contains email addresses of regional counselors. You can just write an email directly to the counselor who processes your application.</p>

<p>Mine has not been checked yet either..</p>

<p>Should I email or call the admissions office?</p>

<p>You should call! I did and directly talked to an admission officer and she instantly checked my files.. the day after all my boxes were checked off.</p>