Has your score prediction changed since June 5th?


<p>Not really. I expect mid-to-high 700s on Lit, and I am hoping for the 700s in Latin, but I feel as if that test in particular could end up being just about any score between 650 and high 700s.</p>

<p>my scores for princeton review were very inconsistent. i think i could 760 for one test and then on the next one i got a 680. the only way to get a more accurate prediction is by taking an officially past administered exam.</p>

<p>Actually, yeah my prediction for US History has increased based on the consolidated test that we were able to complete. I'm calling an 800 now; hopefully I didn't jinx anything just now.
My prediction for Math II remains at 800 and my prediction for Chemistry remains at 730.</p>

<p>My U.S prediction changed wildly from a "I'm screwed" to a 780-800, which I hope isn't being too liberal.</p>

<p>Chemistry: not really changed. It was a "no clue because I don't even remember the answers I put down", so there's nothing really I can do about that. I always change my answers at least once or twice on the ones I'm not 100% about, so I never really know what I got right.</p>

<p>Hoping for a 750+ though.</p>

<p>No. I still thinking I got a 750-760 on Biology.</p>

<p>Not for math 2- still think I got 790/800
For chem- yeah, went from 800 to hopefully 750+ (I keep having the feeling that I misbubbled something or skipped a question or something like that :( )</p>