Haslam Scholars-semi-finalst-2019

Anybody heard when the 60 semi-finalist names will be notified?

The submission email says “Haslam Scholars applicants will be notified via email of their semi-finalist status by December 31, 2018.”

Has anybody received an email yet?

I have not. Neither have a few more people I’ve talked to.

Have you all heard anything? Parent of a current Haslam Scholar here. Happy to share anything I can remember from last year’s semi-finalist interview process and finalist selection weekend.

@EmptyNester2B Do you know if there is a consolation award for finalists?

I am a finalist! Please let me know if you have any helpful information you could share!

I see there is a three hour parent meeting during the Selection Weekend. I’d love to know a little more about that. Also, assuming the kids stay on campus, do they stay at Brown with a current member of Haslam or do they put the finalists together? I’d love general information. Thanks.

@EmptyNester2B Hi! I’m a Finalist, and I was wondering what book the Finalists read for the Selection Weekend last year?

Also, has anybody heard from UTK yet about what book to read for Selection Weekend?

Does UT still release the names of the 30 finalists?

@Funnysocks Wondering myself. Is it possible that interview weekend is slightly later than normal. Maybe they don’t want the students to be aware of each others details yet? Last year, they listed them in February. Best of luck to your student.

@Funnysocks Actually, the announcement of the 30 only lists school and city. They did it in advance of interview weekend last year.

My sincere apologies to those that asked questions. Shortly after I posted my “happy to help” message above, we had a major family crisis that has kept me distracted and off of most social media for the past several weeks. I was just reminded of it when my daughter texted me that she is helping with HSP selection weekend this weekend. I guess by now most of you have figured out answers to your questions. For students, it’s a whirlwind weekend of group activities, individual interviews, and group interviews. Best advice I can give there is be yourself, make sure you participate in group discussions, but don’t be the obnoxious person who doesn’t let others get in a word. This program has a heavy emphasis on social justice, so be prepared to discuss that topic. For parents, the information session is extremely informative. Take pics of the PowerPoint slides for future reference. On the tour of Brown Hall, take measurements, pics, and video of the room. Regarding “consolation award”, I believe that the students who are not selected as Haslam Scholars are guaranteed a spot in their next choice of Honors Program and some receive an additional scholarship, which may also include out-of-state tuition waiver. Not sure if those scholarships go to all not selected, or just a few. Also know that if you don’t get “the call” on Sunday morning, all hope is not lost. Some students will accept their spot and later drop out to attend another institution, opening up room for an Alternate. Last year they even added a few students in late summer. Rumor has it that it was because students in an older cohort didn’t maintain academic requirements and lost their spots. Good luck to everyone!

@EmptyNester2B I’m so sorry to hear about that. I hope that you and your family have all been doing okay.

And thank you so much for all the information; it really helps a lot. I wish only the best for you all!

Thinking of you all today as you anxiously await ‘the call’. Good luck! I never could locate an announcement of this year’s finalists.

Has anybody received ‘the call’ yet?