<p>Hello everyone,i just wonder if we can apply directly to Hass in freshmen year.From what I see on the website,it seems that they only accept transfer students either internally or externall.
What's the admission rate to Hass?Any statistics on the GPA and SAT results?
Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>No you can't apply directly as a freshman. You can apply internally or externally as a transfer. </p>

<p>Internal and External (transfer students) Class Profile
Class</a> Profile, Undergraduate Program - Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley</p>

<p>On an unrelated note, I'm impressed by the yield. 266/269 (98.9%) for internal admits and 98/105 (93.3%) for external admits. I guess that's another reason for Haas not to have freshman admissions.</p>

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