Hate History, want to major in Poli Sci? Good/bad?

<p>How is poli sci at berkely? How much reading a week? What are the hard/easy courses that I should take? I dont like history, will that effect me?</p>

<p>There is a history course req for the major--one course, not a big deal. </p>

<p>Reading is probably ~75 pages per week, per class. That's if you do it and I wouldn't say that it's always necessary.</p>

<p>Any recommendations on reading assignments?</p>

<p>dont take poli sci 2 with janos. it made me want to gauge my eyes out.</p>

<p>Don't take poli sci 2 with chhibber. it made me want to gauge somebody else's eyes out.</p>

<p><__< lol.</p>

<p>what upperdivision poli sci classes do you guys recommend?</p>