Hate the Wait?

<p>Ok so my friend ED'd to Columbia, which I also planned on doing. I ended up just applying EA to a bunch of schools, so that I would hear from about 5 schools early instead of one. The main factor was that I wanted the ability to choose, rather then be forced to go to a particular school (even though I would love being forced to go to Columbia). Anyways, my friend got accepted and I'm thrilled for him, now I have to wait about 5 months to find out. I sent my application out about a week ago, so theres basically nothing I can do right now....except wait. Anyone else agree that this 4-5 month wait is a killer, it's killing me. Maybe I shoulda ED'd as well and have found out by now.</p>

<p>Not me. I'm glad for the months ahead. I'm glad for the oppurtunity to choose where I'm going to attend. I'm thrilled for the possibilities. Yes, ED would relieve stress, but it's not the right option for me. And that's what's important. What's right for you. :p</p>

<p>yes, the next 3-4 months for me are going to be verrrrry long. but same thing here, EA/ED just wasn't my thing so i'm all RD. better be worth the wait :)</p>

<p>i did the EA because its not binding and i would find out at the same time as early, but like if i got into columbia, i would DEF go there, which is why i'm almost regretting not ED-ing there</p>

<p>all RD here too...i'm glad i waited b/c my sats and grades went up, but it is a killer when everyone else is finding out and you have another 4 months to wait! :( oh well, good things come to those who wait.</p>

<p>True That "good things come to those who wait"</p>

<p>Im done with everything, already know what college Im going to, so no, I dont hait the wait at all :D</p>