Hate to ask but...bed bug experience?

<p>Daughter living in an apartment building has found a few bugs over the last few days which appear to be bed bugs in her bathroom. Super came and caulked all openings in that room only. This is a very old building. The thought is that they are coming from the upstairs neighbor who has many issues. We are assuming they are in other areas of her apartment or will be very soon. Has anyone dealt with a bed bug problem successfully? First impulse is to run screaming...not terribly effective!</p>

<p>go to bedbathandbeyond. they have a all natural organic bug repellent spray spacifically for them. Green bottle with white trigger. Smells like cinnomin when done. I bought some "just in case" for my dorm, it also works to keep other bugs out as well. i think its like $10 per bottle but it goes along way.</p>

<p>This is a problem. Caulking the bathroom will not help. If the bugs are truly bed bugs, the entire building has to be professionally treated, or else the infestation just moves from apartment to apartment. A bummer. They're very hard to get rid of. Is your daughter in NYC? Then she should call 311 and ask for help. In NYC, landlord have the responsibility to take care of it.</p>

<p>Yes, NYC but it is a co-op. Not sure what the management company is responsible for in this case. I will suggest she call 311 for advice.</p>

<p>Definitely! If it gets far out of control, which will happen at some point if not treated promptly, it will be a nightmare. Your daughter needs to be proactive. Many people in NYC are dealing with bed bugs at the moment. I'm dreading the day they come to me! </p>

<p>They're everywhere in Manhattan, even on the tony Upper East Side:</p>

<p>An</a> Inside Look at the Upper East Side's Bedbug Infestation -- New York Magazine</p>

<p>S1 lives in FL and had bedbugs in his apt. recently. They were literally in his bed and bit him. He called an exterminator who came and sprayed the whole place. S also got rid of all his bedding.</p>

<p>Been there....</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/parents-forum/603988-eeeeww-bed-bugs-dorm.html?highlight=bed+bugs%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/parents-forum/603988-eeeeww-bed-bugs-dorm.html?highlight=bed+bugs&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Damn, what was I thinking reading toledo's thread right before I go to bed. I'll never get to sleep tonight.</p>

<p>Sorry, swimcats! The good news is that bed bugs are visible with the naked eye. The bugs were found in 15 rooms on his dorm floor first semester. They brought in an exterminator, who sprayed the entire floor three times (not sure if other floors were sprayed). He said that no other cases were reported second semester, so that's more good news.</p>

<p>The advantage that dorms have is that they are emptied out over the summer, so effective extermination can take place. When infestation happens in your home or apartment, it's much more difficult because you're supposed to bag all your possessions. Unless you're a monk living in a cell with just a crucifix and a candle, how are you supposed to do that?</p>

<p>Most exterminators will recommend that you buy mattress encasements to protect your bedding and yourself against bedbugs. In multi living situations like college dorms bedbugs can spread from a neighbor pretty rapidly both horizontally and vertically between rooms and floors. You can buy special bedbug laundry bags and twin XL mattress covers at Prevent</a> bed bugs with Bedbug.com's tips, bed bug proof mattress covers, box spring encasements, travel protectors and more. You also want to make sure your child does not bring the bedbugs into your living space.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>The mattress covers just keep the mattress itself from getting penetrated. The bugs can still crawl on top of the mattress, bite you, and go hide in the bed frame until the next night.</p>

<p>But the mattress covers will "save" your mattress so you won't have to spend the money buying a new one, so I guess that's something.</p>