Have a chance at Syracuse?

<p>I REALLY want to get into Syracuse, but I want a realistic opinion of my chances of getting in. My greatest interest in life is having a career in Public Relations. So I would have to go for getting into S.I. Newhouse (which I hear is a hard school to get into). I am Hispanic, moved here from Honduras when I was 4 and I have citizenship. I do hospital volunteering 2 hours a week and have been for 2 years now and I also work. I have a 3.11 Weighted GPA as of now, I am currently a Junior. I have taken 7 honors classes so far, and will be taking ALL AP classes senior year. My only SAT score is a 1718, but I am planning on retaking it October. I have a 590 in Writing, 540 in Math, and 520 in Critical reading. I also plan to take the ACTs. I do extracurricular activities and am Vice President of a Hispanic Culture club at my school. If I am missing other contributions necessary to semi evaluate my chances haha, I am happy to hear them.</p>

<p>Do your best to bring up your GPA and definitely study the entire summer (if necessary) to boost your SAT scores.</p>