Have a question about Harvard Admission with 2 B+ in Soph year

<p>DS is a sophomore and very bright child. His junior course load includes 4 APs (Calc BC,Chem,APUSH and French). He took AP Stat in 10th and Honors PreCalc. We just got his sophomore grade and he has B+ in Honors Chem (in 2nd sem only ~ 89%) and B+ in French 4. (~ 88%) He SATII-Bio score is 770 (as freshman) and he took Math II in June 2010. He is yet to take SAT-I.... I know it is some what incomplete information, but how badly these two B's can hurt him from getting in to Harvard...</p>

<p>If he gets all A's in junior year and first semester of senior year, the direct effect of the B's will be minor. (Remember, though, that they will still affect his rank.)</p>

<p>Thanks...I think his school does not give out ranks...but not sure</p>

<p>Even if no rank is officially calculated, the GPA's of fellow and past applicants will be used to provide context to the GPA.</p>

<p>What exactly it means when you say "GPAs of fellow and past applicants will be used to provide context to the GPA"?....Sorry, I am new to the world of college admissions...1st child going to go to college....If any links explaining ivy admissions, pls share</p>

<p>GPA's mean different things at different schools. Even if two schools have similar-quality student bodies, a 3.8 unweighted may be the top 1% at one school, whereas it may put a student merely in the top 15% at another school. In order to understand what a GPA means in the context of a particular high school, admissions officers will often consider applicants' class ranks. </p>

<p>If, however, this information is unavailable, they will attempt to gain context elsewhere. Often, looking at other applicants' GPA is most helpful. (For example, if Harvard gets fifteen applicants from a high school that is not known to be particularly strong and most of these applicants have a 4.0 unweighted GPA, A's will mean less.)</p>

<p>A 2400 and a 4.0 neither get you into Harvard nor are required to get into Harvard.</p>

<p>I had two B's in high school and I got into Yale.</p>

<p>Over the course of high school, I received at least half a dozen B's (we were on a school-year divided into 4 advisories) and I am a rising sophomore at Harvard.</p>