Have a try or not? CCC to Stanford

<p>Hello,I know it sound a little bit crazy if I want to get a shot to Stanford in my first quarter in my CC ...lol </p>

<p>I am a biology major international student , currently enrolled in foothill college and this is my first quarter there.I got a 4.0 in this quarter and I do think that's relatively easy for me (well maybe study less than 1 hr/day and keep surfing on the net lol.I think all the science class are easy for me but I am terribly weak in english...that's my main problem .)
I know the transfer rate of Stanford is really ............low ,and it requires result from SAT.
However after I visited the campus, I feel like that's the dream school I want to get in.It is so perfect!
I am thinking whether I should take the SAT and get myself a 2% chance....Do you guys think I should concentrate on improving my english and SAT?! Or is it actually a waste of time .....lol</p>

<p>Any help will be appreciated!Thankyou so much!!</p>

<p>Go ahead and do it!
Anything is possible and a 4.0 gpa is solid.
How much is it to apply?</p>

Thankyou for your reply!!
Actually for Stanford, a 4.0 sounds like a general requirement ....lol(well I'm not sure about that)
I remember the application cost is something around $100 but the effort needed is more than infinity.....lol</p>

<p>And my main concern is actually on SAT...
my friends told me it's difficult for me to do well in SAT in less than 1 yr if my first language is not English.</p>

<p>A 4.0 is great, but if you're talking about applying for a soph transfer, your HS record (gpa and course rigor) and SAT scores are going to be very important. And good English skills are a must, even as a Bio major, you will be taking many courses that require excellent reading, comprehension, analysis and writing skills.</p>

<p>IMO you should do 2 years of CC and then apply for transfer to S and other schools.</p>

<p>Entomom :
Sosad.My HS record really sucks lol. It's because I can't really find a target to work on at that time and I just screwed up everything.
It seems that it worths for me to put effort on SAT even I am not going to apply for Stanford as it helps improving English.
My english sucks, I can't even write a essay with no grammar mistakes... sigh.Anyway I will try my best to improve it.</p>