Have an F in AP Calc

I am a senior in hs and my grade in ap calc ab has recently dropped to an F with 1 week left in school. There is a chance I can get it up to a D but that is unlikely. I was already accepted into csuf and was wondering if this single F will lead to my application being rescinded.

I have a 1350 SAT
3.75 GPA
Got a C first semester of calc
Only F in all 4 years of hs
Only 2 C’s all 4 yrs

will the school look past this considering my strong academic resume or am I going to be rejected?

It is possible you could be rescinded, so you need to contact CSUF and offer to take the class over the summer. Hopefully by making this offer, it will persuade them to keep your acceptance. I do know they rescinded one applicant last year for a D in English. Best of luck and be proactive.