Have any Ivies sent out "likely" emails?

<p>Saying you're in just wait for your letter to arrive? for regular decision..</p>

<p>With actual notifications coming out in one week, I'd say this is an unlikely expenditure of resources. "Likely" letters are very pointed marketing tools for a very small group of applicants. Many accepted applicants won't ever see them -- and given this late date, a "likely" letter won't make much of an impression to the recipients for what the schools want them to accomplish</p>

<p>Columbia is the only one that sent out emails AFAIK.</p>

<p>I got LL's from Columbia (Fu) and Cornell. Those were both back in February, though.</p>

<p>The forums for each individual Ivy have threads about likely letters, and whether or not anyone has received any.</p>

<p>Harvard's local paper had an article saying they sent out 217, but that included 207 for athletes.</p>

<p>My dd received a letter from Dartmouth in Feb.</p>