Have any of your young adult children chosen to do this? AirBnb living for the foreseeable future

My ds, his post-college roommate and co-worker of two years, and another friend put their furniture and other personal non-necessary items into storage and moved three hours from where they were living into a lovely and LARGE AirBnb for the month of September. They are all going to be working remotely at least through the end of the year. Their plan is to continue with short-term rentals (which may include renting an RV) in the months of October and November and then spending TG - New Year’s with their nuclear families over the holiday time. They will re-evaluate at the end of the year. Depending on circumstances the three of them will find a new place to lease or they may continue with short-term rentals.

Anyone else have young adult children who are doing something like this? I had an acquaintance ask me to remind him where ds was living, and I considered saying he was “homeless,” though that seemed the wrong thing to say on many levels.

I don’t know anyone but have def heard/read of people doing this. I say if they can afford it and store their other stuff why not?! I’m slightly jealous! It’s a great concept and what a great way to keep your work environment fresh and maybe explore new locations!

My kid’s housing situation is settled (Army), but I have to say I like your DS and his friends’ plan, @Hoggirl. It’s creative and sounds like a lot of fun. Oh to be that young and unencumbered again.

My D is looking at a short-term rental in Portland. It’s a beautiful furnished studio apartment, very close to the water. Off-street parking, utilities, and internet included for $800/month. I have the feeling it’s an Air B&B property. She can stay for as short a period as she wants. I hope it works out! Great for a kid just starting out.

DS16 May have been interested in this if he had known first week of March he would be working remotely. I think not being locked in a lease could be very attractive right now.

@MaineLonghorn — we’d LOVE to know how your D found that short-term FURNISHED rental near Portland. We’ve tried and tried with no luck.

I would LOVE to find people like your son, willing to house sit for extended periods (anywhere from 2-4 months at a time), for drastically reduced rent. Do they know of any resources besides AirBnB? If he’s interested in the midwest, PM me :wink:

We’re currently spending the second half of our lives in two cities separated by 2400 miles (due to a combination of work & family factors). It has been a royal pain during Covid as flying is both unpredictable and probably not the healthiest choice. Even pre-Covid it was expensive and cumbersome. Our (2) elderly pets, make it even more complicated.

So, we looked into multiple options. One was a pet-sitting service intended to match nomads with people like us. I was amazed that some people do this often, but typically they are seeking fun cities or tourist areas to live. We found one person willing to come to our neck of the woods, and when we interviewed her, she explained that since she can work anywhere, the nomad life gives her the chance to explore different parts of the country on a limited budget, saving more of her income for other adventures. She had been doing it for several years. She was a good match but our circumstances changed, so we did not need someone the same times she needed a home.

@kjofkw: Where are you located?

@choatieMom she found it on CraigsList. Don’t take the one on Atlantic, ha.

@ ChoatieMom: Sent a PM

My kids are sort of in this state. Since St. Patrick’s Day when both my kids were planning to go to the Chicago parade, my kids have done the following: Kid 1 - stayed at a college friend’s apartment, flew out to West Coast to close up apartment and retrieve Kid 2’s car, rented an AirBnb, sublet part of an apartment with a high school friend, rented another apartment in that same building. Kid 2 - stayed with boyfriend at UIUC, moved in with Kid 1 and that lasted two weeks, decided to move back to UIUC to be with boyfriend. As there is no precedent in anyone’s lives, we are unable to give advice to our kids. Is there any good parenting advice out there on this front?

Yes, I have a number of friends whose kids are taking two month Airbnb rentals with groups of kids they go to college with. One friend’s daughter is an athlete and, along with three other friends from the same college, decided that this location is a good place for them to keep up their training.

I think this is a great idea. Why not see another part of the country if you can’t go to classes? Being around friends is much more motivating than being stuck alone at mom and dad’s house.

^Yes, we get along great with our daughter, but she’s been at home with us for five months now and she’s getting a little tired of it. She’s STILL waiting for her new job (photographing newborns at the hospital) to start. At least she’s collecting unemployment in the meantime, and it’s more than she will be earning at first.

My D2 has several friends that are doing this right now. They are staying in western states with mountains and hiking since that is what they like to do. D2 would like to be able to do this also (as she is with us currently), but doesn’t have any close friends that would like to give it a try.

We actually are thinking of getting an air bnb for a month and working from there. S would love to do this with his friends (some of them are doing it) - but unfortunately, he doesn’t start his job until January.

Well I have been doing this myself for 4 years. Basically seasonal rentals, ocean for fall, winter and spring and city for the summer. I am tied to this general area due to my mother. I find I get better quality rentals this way at a better price, and have developed friendships with the owners. After I sold my house I got rid of all my stuff and just have a very small storage for photo albums and the like.

I think that stringing together airbnb’s for just a couple of months at a time could get tiring. I started out that way but switched to 6-8 months for each stay. By the way many airbnb’s are half price if you stay a month or more.

Might be fun for the young people to try different areas but if the airbnb isn’t a good one then they want to avoid committing without the possibility of a refund.

I do have to wonder how this is affordable??? Unless you were living urban to begin with with high monthly rent or you are putting a lot of people in one rental and giving up something like a bedroom to yourself?

Are the AirBNB’s giving crazy deals? It seems a big leap to go from charging nightly fees to a whole month.

I imagine they are desperate for renters since people aren’t traveling much. I think that’s why my daughter is seeing good deals here.

Sounds like fun to me. I’ve actually been halfway seriously thinking about going out to Hawaii and renting a house for a few months since I’m working remotely anyway. I’m assuming rentals are dirt cheap out there now, and if I stayed for 3+ months a 2 week quarantine would be a drop in the bucket.

Only downside would be figuring out what to do with our dog. And as someone else mentioned, having somebody keep an eye on our house while we’re gone.

I also know a few people who have got Air BnB’s for their children (who are with roommates) near their college campus while dorms are closed and classes are online.